PowerLabs helps organizations build powerful movements by integrating community organizing and digital strategy.

Some organizations have replaced organizing and relationship-building with marketing and money.

We won’t help you do that.

We believe real change is won by bringing together people with shared values to build power, drive action and win. To do this, organizations have to involve their supporters not as ATMs, but as whole people with hearts, hopes and minds.

What we do

Strategic Capacity

Relatively small organizations have won major changes by maximizing the talent and resources they already have. We work with clients to develop realistic workplans for experimentation, learning and adaptation that lead to growth, deeper engagement and victory.


Digital gives organizers the ability to recruit broadly and move many more people up the ladder of engagement. We help clients create effective programs and work plans for email, web, data management and social media that are grounded in organizing best practices and experience.

Data and Analytics

A lot of organizations already have a lot of data on their members — they just don’t know what to do with it all. PowerLabs clients learn to track and leverage the metrics that matter to accelerate giving and growth.


The best consulting partnerships leave people and organizations stronger. We develop custom training and coaching to fit the needs of our client organizations and their staff.

Our clients include